Introduction: Lil BANG Pneumatic Mini Cannon

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A simple and cheap compressed air gun made from house hold items. Shoots VERY far.

I got bored one day and decided to make one. I already had the supplies so what the heck.


This is my first Instructable so please go easy.

Step 1: Get Out the Materials!!!

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Engine cleaner air compressor attachment
Empty refrigerant can
2 Female couplers
1 Male coupler
1 Threaded connector
You don't need a cell phone (lol)


Saw (optional

Step 2: Put It Together!!!

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First pull off the tip of the engine cleaner with the pliers or cut it off. There may be a smaller tube inside if so, pull it out or unscrew it (they are all different). Once that is done, wrap the spot where the pipe connects to the handle with tape (you could glue it if you want). Once that is done, screw the male coupler onto the refrigerant can. connect the 2 together and you have a gun.

Step 3: The Tank Filler/Compressor Thing!!

Picture of The Tank Filler/Compressor Thing!!

This is the easy part, all you have to do is screw in the 2 male couplers into the threaded coupler.
Look at the Pictures if you need help (lol)

Step 4: Filling!!!

Picture of Filling!!!

Put the piece that you just made into the piece on the bottle and the identical piece on the compressor.
fill for 30 seconds or until you feel that it is good (you can use a gauge, I just didn't have the right one). WARNING DO NOT exceed 170 psi max because the bottle will explode and the shrapnel will kill you!

sorry I couldn't flip the picture.

Step 5: Firing!!!

Put whatever fits in the barrel and press the button.

(my camera died right before I pulled the trigger so no picture. video coming soon ( if my video camera doesn't die)).


WiseMagnus (author)2009-03-01

where can you get an air compresser and how much will it cost?

bwpatton1 (author)WiseMagnus2009-03-23

Pretty much any hardware store, even walmart, it depends what you want. If you want a little pancake compressor then it might cost like $50 or you could get a super bad one that cost $900. Whatever you want

beehard44 (author)bwpatton12010-10-24

i saw an air compressor in a japanese refurbished shop (pcpark japan) for 2,500 pesos (around 50 dollars)
P.S. it was the badass kind

you can get a compressor from many places, like Kmart, home depot, lowes, harbor freight, and sears. The small ones start from $80, to the big ones that can cost up to $800 bucks. A good one will cost you around 1-200 bucks. thats what mine was around

ctz (author)2009-02-05

I'm using a bigger barrel so I was thinking a AAA bateries

Thelonelysandwitch (author)ctz2009-02-05

they fit in this barrel, but they dont go too far, mabye 20 feet, I use Little plastic bullet shaped things I found in my garage, they fly like 150 feet.

wrap some electrical tape or tissue around it for a tight fit

Maybe dead lithium batteries would go further?

or a modded capacitor (charged)

AIR TAZER!!!!!!!!!!!


Awesome. Just awesome.

I know thanks

ctz (author)Thelonelysandwitch2009-02-05

thanks i will try that

thebair (author)2010-06-05

yes,you do need a cellphone incase you get sereousely hurt and you can call someone to help you.


hutson (author)2010-04-02


struckbyanarrow (author)2010-01-22

i have the same cell phone, sony ericson walkman w580i!

actually it got destroyed, it was shot with a paintball and screwed up the screen. I now have the lg xenon

my phone is pretty screwed up too but it still works, y'now me and my friend shot a ipod shuffle with a pelet gun (rated at 800fps) from 30 ft and it has a huge dent but it still works!

yah, theese things are pretty tough but if you can get a better one for free, then why not.

ctz (author)2009-02-04

this things amazing im building one and how far does it shoot

Thelonelysandwitch (author)ctz2009-02-04

well, it depends, what do you want to shoot?

ctz (author)Thelonelysandwitch2009-02-05

I'm putting a bigger barrel on so I can shoot AAA batteries

Thelonelysandwitch (author)ctz2009-02-05

ok that will work.

LED master22 (author)2008-12-02

lol spudfiles sounds like pedafiles...very bad..... anyway, um, the refregrant can is not a smart move being put under pressure...anyway its cool... 5/5

Thanks, but why is the can bad it was allready under pressure.

If its put under more pressure, eventually it will go BOOM!!! And then you'll say "Now there's your problem!"

No, ur wrong, the doctor will say "well there's your problem" while looking at my x-ray showing metal shrapnel.

lol. now thats the truth

well its not the false

True................. So True................ Do you have a wii?

random, but yes.

Then check out my wii controller with grip!! Type in grip!! also do you have wi fi?


What games do you have? I got SSB Brawl, Mario Kart, Gh3, and latest LoZ: Twilight Princess. How do you supposely get friends?

i got cod 3, gh3, cruisn, wii fit, mario party 8, and mario galaxy, namco, raving rabbits, and big brain. (half are my brothers) idk how u get friends

How? because im stupid and don't know how do anything. (probaly because of being on this boat so long and eating too much)

what boat, cruse?

Rubber dingy.

Jr Hacking kid (author)2008-11-21

post this on spudfiles

whats spudfiles

home page:
post your stuff here:

oh yeah that question you put up made yourself dumb because of your picture
just follow those links and post it up on spudfiles =D

ok when I get some more time

LED master22 (author)2008-11-24

im making a bad*** one near an idea of this, im crazy, i to love how you use all metal, makes the danger lever much higher....=-)

nice, compress the air to like 500psi Deadly.

zimmemic25 (author)2008-11-07

how many shots can u do with one filled can?

it really depends on what you use for ammo. With the can at around 170 psi using small metal slingshot ammo, you can get around 15-20 shots shooting pretty close to the last ones power.

what about 6mm airsoft BBs?

the barrel that I have is too big for bbs, but it works as a Gatling gun with bbs. and around 25 Gatling shots

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