Lily Pad Solar Pool Warmers





Introduction: Lily Pad Solar Pool Warmers

Add heat to your pool by using the power of the Sun.

Step 1: Gather Together Your Supplies.

hula hoop
black trash bag
pool noodle
duct tape or plastic tie
razor knife

Step 2: Put the Hoop in the Bag,

A snug fit is best.

Step 3: Twist It Tight.

Its alright to have some air in the bag.

Step 4: Close With Duct Tape or a Plastic Tie.

Make sure the bag is sealed. You can trim any excess with your knife.

Step 5: Cut and Attach the Noodles.

Cut the noodles into four 8 inch pieces.

Slice each piece down the side so you can open them up.

Attach each piece to your pad folding back corners and any excess bag for a finished look.

Step 6: Finished!

I had found similar pads on the internet, but they were more labor intensive. These will float better and you can piggy back them to focus on the sunny side of the pool.



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    Great Job ! I like it ! Genius !

    I assembled a "Portable Solar Pool Heater 1,04 kWatt Module", see instructable.

    These Lily Pad Solar Pool Warmers are much cheaper ! Thank you !


    Have you tested out the project? Has it made your pool warmer in a short amount of time?

    Living in the south (Louisiana) just my leaf cover is very good at warming the water. 3 - 4 hours in the morning and the surface water is to hot for a child to touch for at least 4" down.

    I really enjoy the sharing of knowledge that these posts engender. I especially appreciate low-cost solutions, and this certainly qualifies in that regard. Efficiency is not always the highest priority. I also realized that with the filtration system at work, the water is circulating to some degree, and this overcomes the only-the-water-immediately-beneath-the-lily-pad-gets-heated issue.

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    really makes you think about companies bringing product to the market place. science, cost vs aesthetics, production marketing etc. this is a great forum to learn.

    So simple!

    Wouldn't even more heat would be transferred to the water if the dark surface were submerged somehow?

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    Maybe? my thought is that the top layer is always at a warmer temp and will transfer more heat that way. Also the air in between should create some insulation. thanks

    The air layer between the sheets will slow the flow of heat to the lower sheet. The air layer will act more like insulation. that is one reason why double pane windows are more efficient than sincle pane windows.

    Since most of the light that passes through the water surface is absorbed by the water, why not use clear plastic. The light would pass through the two layers of clear plastic and heat the water. The air between the plastic would act as insulation and help keep the water warm.

    unlike windows the plastic is somewhat concave so the layers touch. you may have a valid point on the clear plastic but doesn't black draw more heat? thanks

    Black objects reflect less light and tend to absorb more. Transparent items also don't reflect much but also will lnot absorb light. Water even though it is transparent, does tend to absorb a lot of light (especially red green and yellow).

    In your design the black is getting hot but beacause of the air gap between the layers not all of that energy is getting to the water. A lot is probably being lost to the air above the ring.. You are heating the water indirectly. If the plastic is transparent the plastic would not get very hot but a lot more light would pass through where it willl be absorbed by the water directly. Heating water directly is more efficient then heating water indirectly.

    there are a lot of companies that sell solar pool blankets. Theseb lankets do a good job of heating the water during the day. they are made sof two layers of plastic with numberou small trapped air bubbles between the sheet. They areavailble in tranparent plastic, transparent blue plastic. i have neverseen one made of black plastic.

    Such a cool idea! Gotta get that pool warm! I actually just went swimming yesterday evening and the pool was kinda cold. Gotta try this!

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    Brilliant Idea !

    Not sure if I like the Idea of using Duct Tape in water over the Zap-Strap, But a build this easy could be rebuild every Season.

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    Oh, and Welcome to the Community !

    Great idea!

    Great idea!