This tutorial shows you how to create a sensor demo mat for the LilyPad Arduino. I wanted a place where I could experiment with the different sensors, but also something that I could use to show examples of what can be done without constantly uploading code.

Step 1: Step 1: Supplies

To complete this project I used the following:

Although I had the LilyPad Development Board, I decided to use the LilyPad SImple Board so I could use the extra pins as switches.

Could you help me with the change of the sketch to another<br>
<p>What do you have in mind?</p>
I would like to increase the number of LEDs and remove the light and temperature sensors . you can still change the flashing LEDs and add another melody . I will be grateful if you could help me .<br>
nice project....hy can you please tell which educational course do we need to do for learning these stuff ??
<p>I took a &quot;Craft Technologies&quot; course as part of a degree in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences at Utah State University.</p>
<p>This is stunning. Great job, thank you so much for sharing this.</p>

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