For Totoro:
Felt:  1 black, 3 grey, 1 white, 1 beige
Black Thread
Poly-fil stuffing
Pen or chalk
DIY Totoro Plush Tutorial HERE
Totoro Pattern HERE

For Umbrella:
3 or 4 different types of fabric
Felt: 1 grey, 1 black
2 popsicle sticks
Black Thread

LilyPad Arduino:
LilyPad Arduino Board
4 LilyPad LEDs
Conductive Thread
Mini USB cable
(I purchased the ProtoSnap LilyPad Development Board, but because of the simplicity of my project, it may have been cheaper to buy the needed pieces individually... check out all the LilyPad gadgets here!

Step 1: Sew Your Plushie

Sew your Totoro!  I used the tutorial on this site.

I made a few minor changes to my Totoro:  

1.  I didn't sew quite as many little half-moon pieces on the stomach
2.  I used a different colored piece of felt for the bottom of the tail, instead of making it all one color (pictured)
3.  I sewed on one of the arms so it stuck straight out-- I needed something to sew the umbrella onto
4.  I didn't stuff my Totoro's ears with the Poly-fil like suggested-- I didn't think it was necessary once I had them all sewn together

Also, I found it was easier to print the pattern on regular computer paper (as opposed to the card stock suggested)) and pin it to the felt (before cutting the pattern pieces out) and cut the pattern & felt out together-- just like what is done with most patterns.  

Doesn't it look funny without ears!!
<p>It's so cute. Little Miss Cutie needs to see anything cute. And that's me.</p><p>I loe TOTORO!!!</p>
<p>D'awww! So cute! I'm following you now, so please make more amazing things!</p>
<p>That is adorable! Wonderful job :)</p>

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