Picture of LilyPad Arduino e-Reader Case
For a youth and technology class, we were assigned the creation of an Arduino LilyPad project.  I liked the idea of connecting the LilyPad project to literacy, so I chose to make a Kindle case that would play music [Hedwig’s Theme from the Harry Potter movies] and display white LED lights—illuminating the word read—when the case flap was opened.

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Step 1: Finding your materials.

Sewing Materials:
• Sewing Machine [while it may be theoretically possible to create this Kindle case without a sewing machine, it would be difficult]
• Two ¼ yard pieces of upholstery fabric [or thick cotton quilting fabric]—these are for the outside of the case and the lining, so pick two patterns that complement each other.  1/4 yard is MORE than enough, but it's always nice to have extra.
• One ¼ yard piece of batting
• Eight inches of sewable velcro
• Sewing needle
• Thread [I used pink and white]
• One sheet of felt [a complementary color to your fabric]
• Glue gun [could also use fabric glue]

Electronic materials:
• ProtoSnap Arduino LilyPad Developent board -
[this project uses the light sensor, four white LEDs, Piezo buzzer, battery, and the simple board]
• Mini-USB cable
• FTDI driver ( and Arduino IDE ( should be installed on your computer
• Conductive thread

Step 2: Thinking about your design.

Picture of Thinking about your design.
Measure the e-reader you would like this case to fit.  

Your electronic parts are going to be on the outside of the case, with a fabric envelope flap on top.  As you will basically be sewing this case inside-out, you will add the electronic components before you sew the bulk of the case together.  Therefore, these steps call for coding your project before any actual sewing steps take place!

This is really cute! Nice job!