I'm taking a course this semester called Youth and Technology in Libraries, in which I was tasked with designing something using a Lilypad development board.  In the following steps I will walk you through how I created my Christmas sweater with flashing lights and music.

Step 1: Materials

1. Protosnap Lilypad Development Simple Board
(NOTE: the board will come with a LiPo battery, several sewing needles, and two bobbins of conductive thread)

2. USB cable (you'll probably have a few of these laying around if you look - I used the cable for my Canon camera)

3. Christmas-themed sweater (I used this one)

4. Pair of tweezers to snap apart the board

<p>I copy and pasted your code but I get a ton of error codes when I go to Verify. If there any chance you can email me the arduino code file? Thanks</p>
<p>Cool! Was this your first Arduino project? If so, it's a doozy. If not, the project is still very doozyish.</p>

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