Follow these instructions to make a stuffed bunny that lights up when you touch its ears together.  This project can be created using fabric scraps and a Lilypad Arduino.

1 Lilypad Arduino
4 LED lights
Conductive thread
A mini USB adapter

Fabric scraps
Thread (any color)
Embroidery thread (any color)
1 metal sew-on snap
Two buttons
Glue or clear nail polish

Step 1: Draw Your Pattern

This pattern comes from the blog revoluzza.com.  It’s in German, but the pictures are pretty easy to follow.  First, draw out the shape for your bunny on a piece of paper (I taped together two pieces of 8.5 x 11 to get it big enough).  Draw the oval for the face, two circles for the cheeks, a heart, and a panel for the back pocket if desired.  This type of pattern is easy to manipulate, so adapt it any way you like!
<p>Oh my gosh, this is so cute!</p>

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