Picture of Lilypad Arduino Light-up Critter
Follow these instructions to make a stuffed bunny that lights up when you touch its ears together.  This project can be created using fabric scraps and a Lilypad Arduino.

1 Lilypad Arduino
4 LED lights
Conductive thread
A mini USB adapter

Fabric scraps
Thread (any color)
Embroidery thread (any color)
1 metal sew-on snap
Two buttons
Glue or clear nail polish
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Step 1: Draw Your Pattern

Picture of Draw Your Pattern
This pattern comes from the blog revoluzza.com.  It’s in German, but the pictures are pretty easy to follow.  First, draw out the shape for your bunny on a piece of paper (I taped together two pieces of 8.5 x 11 to get it big enough).  Draw the oval for the face, two circles for the cheeks, a heart, and a panel for the back pocket if desired.  This type of pattern is easy to manipulate, so adapt it any way you like!

Step 2: Cut Out Your Fabric

You will need two pieces to sew the main body of your toy.  Fold your chosen piece of fabric in half so that the good side is facing in.  Pin your pattern in place, then cut it out.  You will only need a single piece of fabric for the cheeks, heart and pocket.  Cut those out as well, and set them aside.  (Wait till the next step to cut the piece for the face.)

Step 3: Sew the Face

Picture of Sew the Face
I wanted the face of my bunny to be inset, rather than sitting on top of the fabric body.  If you would prefer your toy this way as well, take the paper pattern you created for the face and place it on top of one piece of the fabric body.  Trace the pattern, then cut out the oval.  Next, take a square of fabric larger than the hole you cut and place it under the hole.  Pin the edges of the main fabric under, then sew the two pieces together.

Oh my gosh, this is so cute!