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Introduction: Lilypad Buzzer Musical Scale Demo

The Lilypad buzzer module is a small wearable buzzer. The sound level is such that you will be able to hear it, (depending on which pocket you have it in and how thick the material is) without annoying those around you.

The buzzer is mounted on a small round board about 2 cm across the center. It's small size should come in handy for a lot of projects.

That's get right into this one and move to Step #1 (Setup).

Note: If you like to save money I recommend ICStation for your component needs. They are located overseas but offer FREE shipping. Personally I can wait a couple of extra days to save 90% or more on the cost of components. Here's a real life example; My wife and I just happened to be in a national electronics chain store the other day where I pointed out a common ultrasonic distance sensor to her. The price tag for that distance sensor was $29.99! I have seven (7) of the exact same sensors at home, and why not at $1.28 from ICStation. Worth the wait to me!

Step 1: Setup

Doesn't get much easier than this;

Step 1. Connect digital pin #9 from Arduino to + (positive) on buzzer

Step 2. Connect GND (ground) from Arduino to - (ground) on buzzer

Step 3. Done - that's it, no more, setup is done!

Step 2: Code:

The attached file has the code that will allow the Lilypad buzzer to play a musical scale (CDEFGABC) and repeat that scale until you go nuts and rip the cord out of it.

Double click on the file to automatically open the Arduino interface and load the file. Note: You will be asked to create a sub-directory to store the file in. I recommend doing so under your normal sketch library.

Step 3: Specifications:

Rated Voltage: 3.6v

Operating Voltage: 2.5 - 4.5v

Operating Temperature: -30'c - +70'c

Rated Frequency 2730Hz

Dimensions: round - 1.9mm across center

Weight: 0.6 grams



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