Lime Ice Cream & Sprite Punch




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Introduction: Lime Ice Cream & Sprite Punch

It's tradition to make this every Christmas its so good if u want even add a little mint

Step 1: Flip & Lift

Open the tub And flip if the ice cream doesn't come out when you lift it Just use an ice cream scooper About half of the ice cream will make about half amount of punch one tub and one sprite litter for each Punchbowl

Step 2: Pour &devour

Like I said you need one ice cream tub per sprite litter For the litter or half litter Put the ice cream and sprite in the same bowl now Mix together until thickness desired preferably lumpy and smooth get a punch ladle and a whole bunch of mint leaves (optional:) now you can just can pour their own punch put a mint leave in their punch and drink it If there was such a thing as meant extract you could probably use that to maybe about One or 2 tablespoons



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