This project was my idea, which emerged from the summer of 2011, but only on 2 January of 2012 i started to make the limousine. The project is not finalized due to some counter-time and lack of funds, and the final idea was to paint it pink.

Up to this point took about 21 days, and only about €150 (yes, just 150 because the car was a offer of a good friend)...
I made this limousine alone, from a Seat Ibiza, and the idea was to participate on the  "Carnival of Torres Vedras (Portugal)" taking place between 17 and 21 February, but i couldn't finish in time, so it needs to be for the next year Carnival...

Thanks, and enjoy :)
<p>They did this on Top Gear, didn't work out too well... :P</p>
I am pretty sure that that car won't pass the MOT
This is really impressive man. You can start your own <a href="http://www.timelimo.com/limo_service_whistler_bc/" rel="nofollow">whistler limo service</a> with that puppy.
Now, that is one way to make a <a href="http://www.westsublimo.com" rel="nofollow">Naperville limousine</a>. I wonder how well something like this would hold up in the real world?
I've heard of this type of project before, so I have a bit of a caution to offer:<br> <br> 1) Most modern cars are &quot;unit-body&quot; construction, meaning that the body ittself is part of the support structure. You have just cut off half of this.<br> <br> 2) Since the car is longer, the leverage on the existing frame is greater. In terms of engineering, changing the length of a beam is non-linear. For instance, a 10ft span is going to bend 8x as much as a 5ft span! (see also <a href="http://www.engineersedge.com/beam_bending/beam_bending2.htm" rel="nofollow">http://www.engineersedge.com/beam_bending/beam_bending2.htm</a>)<br> <br> 3) Finally, because the car is bigger you'll probably wind up carrying more people than it could originally hold.<br> <br> More load, less support, longer leverage... all these things add up to a common gotcha. That is, the car looks great when it rolls out of the shop, but as you drive it starts to sag in the middle like and overweight dachshund.&nbsp; Again, I've heard stories!<br> <br> Please take the time to reinforce those side supports AND the frame!!!

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