Line Follower Robot Without Arduino or Microcontroller





Introduction: Line Follower Robot Without Arduino or Microcontroller

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Here I explained a line follower robot without any microcontroller or Arduino. This is very simple project for beginners. Here you have need not to use any programming knowledge. so lets try it ....

Step 1: Collect the Material

1. Two IR sensor
2. Two Dc geared motor 100/150 RPM
3. one Chessis
4. Two wheels
5. One Caster wheel
6. One motor driver circuit (L293D)
7. 12 volt charable battery

Step 2: Connect the Circuit

Here two circuit are shown 1st is on breadboard and other is schematic. Now you can make a circuit using these material. You can make this circuit on universal PCB or on breadboard.

Step 3: L Have a Video for You

This is youtube link so see this video... like and subscribe if this owesome



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    thanks bro i was searching for this all over the web many of thm usd kit but i wanted somthing lik this

    great project

    can i place your project on my website.

    i'm working on a website which is related to electrical projects.

    i also mention your name, link and other info.

    plz reply

    1 reply

    yes why not
    you can place my other instructable if you like

    yes why not
    you can place my other instructables ... of you like