Step 4: Soldering Components

Solder all parts on the boards.
Be careful of the correct direction of components.
Use a socket for PIC16F84A IC.
Solder motors and battery holder on the back side of the Bottom board and put some pieces of paper around motors to avoid unexpected contacts in the circuit.
Solder C4 and C5 right on the motors.
Put a piece of paper among potentiometers legs to avoid contacts.
tave034 years ago
I can replace 1 Infrared led and 1 phototransistor instead of a sensor ????
tave034 years ago
sorry.. I didn`t find the complet circuit diagram.. you can show me that please
vahid_you2004 (author)  tave034 years ago
I haven't a complete digram, I'v posted someone else a simple symbolic digram in the comments; I hope it can be helpful.