Step 4: Back to the Foiling

Ok, At this point, I was very eager to apply some foil. I had three widths to work with. I used the one inch roll to start on the front face. It is important to not allow the foil to touch itself. It's really sticky (and expensive!)

I used a plastic scraper to burnish the foil onto the surface. This will allow it to adhere for a long time.

After using the one inch width stuff, I went back and filled in all the little gaps with the half inch stuff. It gave it a nice professional finish.
<p>Good job, I did this for recent customer on his old Valco amp along with a cap job, grounded power cord and new tubes. </p>
This project looks great. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Can you give me any information about the kit you're using and if you have any information about schematics (either the ones you're using or if you know a good place to get schematics in general) ? I'd wish you luck but I can see you care enough to do a fine job so I'll just follow until you're finished :) Great work.

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