Line following robot designed with Solidworks and implemented with arduino, ardumoto for control of the wheels, and a sensor bar with 8 infrared sensors. For any questions regarding this line following please leave a comment or message me.
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AnojithanP6 days ago

it looks great,

can i have the code and library files of this project. Also the schematic design of your work. As I'am a beginner i need all the resource to make this robot work.

Thank you

E-mail : ano.tech2@gmail.com

BakiAlmaci1 year ago

Where is the robot video ?

pkakadiya1 year ago

can you sand me

your project file(solid works) and other cad/cam file,

because i want extend this project

my email is" kakadia.pritesh123@yahoo.com "

help me and waiting for your email


hakim2121 year ago


Your code did not work right.

reactions were slow...

salut, imi poti spune de unde ti-ai luat piesele pentru proiectul asta

daca poti lasa link-uri aici ar fi perfect sau pe o adresa de mail


mihaipop11 (author)  dadrian catalin1 year ago

dar eu am dat multi bani pe electronice, abia apoi mi-a zis cineva de siteul asta : http://www.tme.eu/ro/ ,unde sunt mai ieftine, sper sa te ajute, daca mai ai si alte intrebari sa nu eziti sa imi lasi alt comment

mihaipop11 (author)  dadrian catalin1 year ago

salut, piesele le am de pe robofun.ro si cadrul l-am proiectat eu in solidworks si apoi l-am taiat cu laser la o firma specializata

vibhor921 year ago
What are the dimensions for the frame and the rpm for the motors?
can you use the L293D instead of a L298 based ardumoto?
mihaipop11 (author)  vibhor921 year ago

what about the dimensions of the frame of the line follower?

mihaipop11 (author)  vibhor921 year ago

the dimensions are in mm

nerd74731 year ago
couldn't you use a raspberry pi with some sort of gpio to arduino shield adapter?
mihaipop11 (author)  nerd74731 year ago
yes, i think you can but instead of the shield adapter you can use an much cheaper and easier method: drive your motors with a DIY H-bridge with transistors or use a already integrated chip that contains a H-bridge. (the ardumoto shield i have is based on a H-bridge).