Step 2: Choosing a Resistor and Pin Info

this is something i found
i translated this quickly so might have some mistake

(it doesnt like my language >< wont display ohm sign properly lol)

Rc | (recording) | (LineOut) |
inf x x <BCR-NWS700,USB-cable>
220k ohm o x <WMC-NWR1>
100k ohm o o ( variable )
68k ohm o x
47k ohm x o ( fixed )
33k ohm x o ( variable )
22k ohm o o ( fixed ) <SRS-NWZ10>
15k ohm o o ( variable )
10k ohm x o ( variable ) <WS-12L(���P)>
4.7k ohm x o ( fixed ) <DCC-NWC1>

o = it can
x = it can't

with variable you can change the output volume ( has BEEP sound when turned on in settings)

with fixed the volume is fixed at maximum (30) when cable is removed from wm-port volume returns to the volume before it was set to max and changes back to headphone output.

when connected to DC supply: 5V in pin 07 and pin 20

when connected to USB: 5v in pin 07 and pin 11

#pin-No:Long/Short: description
01: L: GND
02:S :
03:S : USB data +
04:S : USB data -
05: L: USB GND
06: L:
07: L: Vin(5V)
08:S : RxD/Wake (control-signal-input)
09:S : check Cradle
10:S : TxD/Sleep (control-signal-output)
11:S : check USB
12: L: battery-output
13:S : audio-left-input
14:S : audio-left-output
15: L: audio-GND
16:S : audio-right-input
17:S : audio-right-output
18: L: (video) GND
19:S : (vidoe-in/out) (hmm i wonder if i can make a vid in/out cable too lol)
20:S : check DC-input
21:S : (digital_out)
22: L: GND

checks if connected to cradle with pin 08 -- (direct) pin 10

check type by pin09 -- Rc -- GND with Rc resistance

Thanks man!<br>Very useful information!<br>I'm looking forward to cursing because it's so small to solder.<br>;^D
Now I have to try and find an nice (complete) WM-connector, they are quite expensive...<br>Not a smart plan by sony to not make this easier...
This is a very interesting project. I am hoping you can help me with a related problem. I have a SONY walkman S545 that connects to a PC via the W-M/USB cable coreectly, but it has problems connecting to a SONY TDM-NW1 dock for analog playback. Left audio channel plays OK. The right channel is distorted and drops out often. I see no physical damage to any connectors. Right now my only options are switch the player or switch the dock to see where the problem is. Any ideas? I tried checking the dock for continuity with a meter. Nothing but the ground responds so there must be circuitry in between.

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