Introduction: Linear Actuator in 5 Minutes

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Always wanted the linear motion but were stuck with the circular motion of the motor .You have landed on the correct place

Step 1: Supplies Needed

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List of the material you need is

  • a power drill
  • a flat file
  • tape
  • a bolt (of about 75 mm length)
  • 3 nuts of that size
  • motor
  • wire cutter
  • a coupler used in tube lights

Step 2: Making the Shaft

Take the bolt fix it in the drill machine and stick the file flat with help of a tape

Step 3: Coupler

Picture of Coupler

take the coupler remove its plastic shaeth and arrange them

Step 4: Piece for Movement

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take the 3 nuts and screw them on the bolt such that the bolt is free to move . Now solder the 3 nuts together

Step 5: Completed

On one polarity goes up and on other goes down


jwzumwalt (author)2017-02-23

Would you please provide a link for the coupler. I do not recognize this as a electrical part for lights.

sanyam jain (author)jwzumwalt2017-02-23
You can find them on the following link

jwzumwalt (author)sanyam jain2017-02-26

Thanks for the link. I suggest you update the description for this part, it has nothing to do with tube lights :)

piperjon (author)2017-02-17

I'm not getting how this creates linear motion. Maybe a video or some further description?

ElectroFrank (author)piperjon2017-02-20

When the nut is fixed to something, the rotation of the screw thread converts the rotary motion into linear movement.

(Exactly the same as the fan belt adjuster on your car.)

sanyam jain (author)piperjon2017-02-17

it creates linear motion exact as the z axis of the 3d printer does when the nuts are fixed they will move up and down making a linear motion.If still not understood feel free to ask again :D happy to make

Joeybloos (author)2017-02-17

but you have to hold the bolt otherwise it will just rotate with the shaft or not? Does it go up and down because of its weight? is that why you used 3 bolts?

sanyam jain (author)Joeybloos2017-02-17

when the bolts are held or added weight to they provide the motion.

Joeybloos (author)sanyam jain2017-02-17

say i were to build this, i want to make two of these but use two bolts, place the two motors next to eachother and make a platform between them to turn lift my contraption on the platform up and down. Logically I think it would work, do you?

sanyam jain (author)Joeybloos2017-02-18

yes this can be done but the problem is with the dc matter how hard you try there will be a gap in the movement of the motor so for that replace motors with the stepper motors

Joeybloos (author)sanyam jain2017-02-18

Okay, I just stumbled upon that problem while researching what I want to make. Now I'm looking for the cost of building my own or just buying 2 steppers with a screw thing attached already. Anyway, thanks for your instructable, it gave me a lot of ideas :)

sanyam jain (author)Joeybloos2017-02-18


goacego (author)2017-02-17


sanyam jain (author)goacego2017-02-17

thank you :D

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