Fleece coat, enhanced with a lining for extra warmth. Commercial patterns will give you step by step instructions with illustrations to sew this coat.  These instructions will cover the additional steps for the underlining and zipper.

The inspiration to make warm fleece coats came to me when my children were in school an refused to wear coats because they did not fit into their lockers nicely. A fleece coat is warm and will fold or more likely be wadded up to fit into their locker.

Step 1: Supplies

Pattern, Outer Fabric, Lining Fabric, Thread, Buttons, the photo has Cord and Cord Stops ( I was running out of time so I did not use them - yet), Thread, Pins, Cord, Interfacing, Zipper, Scissors, Lint Roller ( you will see why I need this later ). Not pictured, sewing machine.

1. Choose a pattern you like based on features you want, pockets, hood or collar, zipper or buttons, long short, fitted or loose.

2. Purchase enough fabric for the view you select and your size. This information is on the back of your pattern, but you will need to add a fabric to use for the underlining. I also decided to add a zipper to the button-up view because I like the look of the button closures more than the look of a zipper, but the warmth of a zipper over buttons.

3. You will also need a few other notions which should be listed on the back of the pattern too and will include thread to match your fabric, buttons, interfacing if needed.

4. If you have selected a fabric that will shrink, prewash and dry before you cut out the pattern.  Fleece does not shrink, but the cotton I used for a lining will.

Lovely! And such a beautiful shade of purple!
Thanks, its a favorite color.
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That is a great idea. Thanks for the reminder. <br>

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