Homemade Halloween Costume.

My son wants to be Link from Zelda for Halloween, so I decided to get crafty.

Step 1: Hat

I started off by knitting a Elf Hat

I think it took me about 5 hours or so to make.

Step 2: Shield

What you'll need to make the shield
  • Tissue paper
  • Foam board
  • Card board
  • paint
  • glue
  • Tape
  • Ribbon, rope or string.
<p>This is great! I love all the pieces :) What did you end up doing for the tunic?</p>
<p>Thanks! I got that one from a discount store for a few dollars ;) </p>
<p>That's great! I love when things fall into place like that :)</p>
<p>This looks like a great costume. I love that you knitted the hat from scratch! :) </p>
<p>Thank you! :)</p>

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