Link Costume





Introduction: Link Costume

Link has been my favorite character since I got the Legend of Zelda for the NES.Now you can make your own Link costume out stuff you can find around the house or at alot of stores.

Step 1: What You Need

You need:
3 belts (Identical if possible,but doesn't need to be)
A T-Shirt that is too big for you
Tissue paper or other materials to make a hat
Toy sword and shield
Long white socks
Brown boots

Step 2: Connect the Two of the Belts

Step 3: Making the Hat

Get the Tissue Paper andmake it a cone shape. Now try it on, and cut it according to you head size. Now try it on and bend it down because it will just stand up if you don't.

Step 4: Ready,Put It On!

Put the last belt around you waist,If your Shirt is not blank  then turn it inside out. I hope you liked this instructable. :)



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I have a tutorial of how to make the master sword. That would work better than the small one. Just try'n to help you. And get views. <:^) <------ Link face

Sword and shield are too small and at least you could get a hylian shield