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Introduction: Link From Zelda

I want to share with you people the latest costume from my was very Funny cause I didn´t know that "Link" is a Boy Just after finish halloween...anyway that was Just fun.

Step 1: Get Inspired

I Google some Zelda Image to get inspired and try to do my Best.

Step 2: Cosplay Time

I´ve got to be honest I dont get record of the sewing process, that was my wife task, I just add some details

Step 3: Shield in Shoulders

For these shield I used some plastic Cups and a pair of bottom cans .

Step 4: Tiara.

I cut some Green foam and make the shape of leaves then cut a pair of Wings in White foam, glue it on the hat and that´s all.

Step 5: Armory.

I paintes and old Boomerang of mine with silver and the Sword belongs to My father than when young He was a famous "Mataor"

Step 6: Catwalk Time.

Time to share to the world all this Beauty.



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    Quedó igualito!!!!! O igualita. 5 estrellas!

    Hi there Would u pls vote for my entry ...?

    Great, but in no Zelda game does link have wings on his hat.

    Hi there Would u pls vote for my entry ...?

    Hi there Would u pls vote for my entry ...?

    Link is a boy...but I knew it after I made this costume to my Daughter...Yeahh that was a surprise to me too...relax

    Well...the Image in that was inspired has two wings...Lets say that its a Colombian New Link...Thnks for tha Coment.

    Gracias Mario...como buen colombiano espere hasta ultima hora y no pude catalogar el proceso apropiadamente...igualitica es mi hija mayor, Sarai...solo que vine a saber que el personaje en cuestion era un Chico, despues de halloween, igual nos divertimo un monton, abrazos.