Introduction: Link Hut in Minecraft

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This link hut based off of link's hut in ocarina of time. It can be used for a cool looking house, or just something to look at. Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: The Poles

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Make four dark oak wood poles each separated by three blocks diagonal blocks of space and make them six blocks tall.

Step 2: The Plus Sign

Picture of The Plus Sign

Make a spurce wood plus sign over the wooden poles.

Step 3: Connect

Picture of Connect

Connect the plus sign like so. Make sure to not make a squre, but a diamond like shape.

Step 4: Walls

Picture of Walls

Make the start of the walls like so.

Step 5: More Walls

Picture of More Walls

Add on top of the walls like so.

Step 6: Roof

Picture of Roof

Make a roof.

Step 7: The Hay

Picture of The Hay

Follow the pictures and make the hay part of the roof.

Step 8: Decorating

Picture of Decorating

You can decorate the house how ever you like. This is how I did it.

Step 9: Ladder

Picture of Ladder

Add a ladder like so.

Step 10: Door

Picture of Door

Add a door.

Step 11: Done!

Picture of Done!

Now your finished! Favourite, and vote!


stickypencils03 (author)2015-12-02

Yes, yellow wool would work great

minecraft builder (author)2015-08-08

i play minecraft on the xbox and i do not have hay i only have yellow wool to you think i should use that instead

Chrystallia (author)2015-08-07

I think the house is abit weird! You should make it look like a house but now it looks like a tower! Are you sure is a hut or what?

mazzy mitchell (author)2015-02-02

Um, no offense, but I can't see the majority of it because you couldn't just sleep to where it was daytime.

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