Introduction: Link IT ONE Basics

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In the beginning...

Step 1: Overview

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The Linkit One is a development board that comes with a gps ,gsm,wifi,and bluetooth components. All the antena plug into the bottom of the linkit one board. they are easily snaped into place. The board also allows for a micro sd card and has an audio jack.

Step 2: Coding

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IT comes with this USB cord that you use to connect it to the computer. It is coded by the aurdino coding software which can be downloaded here. The software will allow you to program the components to do different things like flah leds and get locations with the gps

Step 3: Finish

Now you have the basics to the linkit ONE! Follow my account to see the different projects i make as i learn more about the LINK it ONE.


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Great intro to Link IT Ones

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