LinkIt ONE Flame Sensor


Introduction: LinkIt ONE Flame Sensor

This instructable will show you how to use the flame detecting module to detect if there is a flame within about 10cm of the sensor. This module can then be used in making a robot that looks for flames and then puts them out, or to automatically put out or light you favorite candle in the house at a certain time of day. Let's begin!

Step 1: What You Need!

  1. LinkIt ONE micro controller
  2. Flame detection module
  3. Breadboard and breadboard wires
  4. 5 min.
  5. Flame of some kind (Testing purposes)

Step 2: Wiring!

  1. D0 pin on the module to D3 on LinkItOne
  2. "+" pin on module to 5V on LinkIt ONE
  3. G pin on module to GND on linkIt ONE

A0 pin on module does not need to be wired to anything

Step 3: Software!

The code I uploaded will simply display in the serial monitor whether or not a flame is being detected. This code provides a simple platform that can be expanded to fit into a larger project.

Step 4: Test It Out!

You now have everything you need for your LinkIt ONE to sense a flame. Simply use a lighter or match and bring the flame towards the sensor, as it comes within about a 10cm radius of the sensor it should detect the flame! To make the flame more or less sensitive simply adjust the potentiometer on the module.



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    I like these flame sensors. But is ut in fact the heat rather than the flame that is sensored?

    1 reply

    it is described in its data sheet as a infrared flame sensor. so if I understand correctly it analyzes the infrared light emitted by the flame to detect the flame.