Introduction: [LinkIt ONE] GPS Tracker + MediaTek Cloud Sandbox Tutorial

This tutorial is to show how to build a wifi-based GPS tracker with MediaTek Cloud Sandbox and even on mobile app.

Step 1: Prerequisite: Register a Free Account of MCS(MediaTek Cloud Sandbox)

Go to the official website:

Register a free count

Step 2: Create a New Prototype for GPS

Sign into MCS and click "Development", and then click "Create".

Step 3: Input the Name, Version As Indicated Below, Click “Save” to Complete

Step 4: After the Prototype Be Finished, Click "detail" to Edit the Prototype

Step 5: You Will Be Brought to a Fly-through Tutorial to Understand Basic Functions, You May Click “Exit” Should You Wish to Skip Through This Step.

Step 6: Now Let's Create the Following Data Channels Summarize As Below

Step 7: Click “Add” to Create First Data Channel

Step 8: Click “Add” Under the Display Data Channel

Step 9: Filling in the Data Channel Detail As Below, Click “Save” to Complete.

Step 10: And Then You Will See a Data Channel Is Created As Shown

Step 11: Repeat Step 7~10 to Complete LATITDUE, LONGITUDE, LED_DISPLAY Data Channel Create.

Step 12: Create LED_CONTROL Controller Data Channel by Selecting Controller Type Data Channel

Step 13: Click “Create Test Device” Button, Fill in the Name, and Then Click “Go to Detail”

Step 14: Here Is the Detail Page of the Created Test Device, and Copy the DeviceId and DeviceKey

Step 15: Download the GPS Tracker Arduino Code, And

If you don't have the arduino http client library, please download it and import.

Edit the GPS tracker code as below:



Step 16: After the Code Is Compile and Uploaded to the Board Correctly, the Board Will Send GPS Data to the Test Device You Have Created As in the Screen Shot Below:

Step 17: You Can Also Use MCS Mobile Application to View the GPS Data on Mobile

Download the MCS Mobile Application:


JensICBM (author)2016-07-19


thanks a lot for the nice project.

It works fine using the WIFI connection. But when i try to send the GPS data via GPRS it dont work for me. The serial monitor shows

"GPRS attaching...Success!"

"Connecting to site...Success!"

"Waiting for HTTP response......Success!"

"Connecting to TCP..."

So i think it cant connect via TCP. Do you have any ideas about this issue?

xneo1 (author)2016-02-25


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