Who uses a pager anymore? Well actually, lots of people. Pagers are still pretty popular among people who need to know things in a hurry because having internet all the time (even with 4G) still isn't as reliable as a good old pager.

In this tutorial, we'll use the LinkIT ONE to create our very own pager. Due to the LinkIT ONE's powerful capabilities, such as a built in battery pack and GSM slot, we can easily manipulate certain components that would take much more hardware and skill on a regular old Arduino.

Step 1: Supplies

If you got the Arduino Grove Starter Kit, you should be in business fairly quickly. Otherwise, you'll need to obtain some of these things on your own:

  • LinkIt ONE
  • Pre-paid SIM Card
  • Grove Arduino Base Shield
  • Grove - LCD RGB Backlight

<p>Hi There</p><p>Thanks for this its great! My messages are displayed backwards though?</p><p>Any ideas on how to correct this?</p>
<p>Could you include in the project a small paragraph of explaining what this is? I do not understand what it's for, I am interested.</p>
<p>looks great!</p>
Page me maybe? Sorry I couldn't resist

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