LinkIt ONE Sonar Distance Tutorial


Introduction: LinkIt ONE Sonar Distance Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to use a sonar distance sensor with your LinkIt ONE device! This particular tutorial is done with the HY-SRF05, and the code provided is compatible with the HC-SR04. Let's begin!

Step 1: What You Need

  1. LinkIt ONE
  2. Sonar Distance Module
  3. Breadboard and breadboard wires

Step 2: Wiring

  1. VCC pin on Sonar to 5V pin on LinkIt ONE
  2. Trig pin on Sonar to D8 on LinkIt ONE
  3. Echo pin on sonar to D9 on LinkIt ONE
  4. GND pin on Sonar to GND pin on LinkIt ONE

Step 3: Code

The code you need is available to be downloaded below. Make sure the input pins you use match the code.

Step 4: Your Done!

Once you upload the code to your LinkIt ONE your all done! Use the serial Monitor in the IDE to show the output that the Sensor puts out.



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    Works Great! I combined with a sketch to run a 4x20 LCD to display the distance. Thank you!!!