LinkIt One SMS Based Home Automation





Introduction: LinkIt One SMS Based Home Automation

Now again i came up with new variant of home automation with linkit one based on GSM SMS service.Now you can control your device from any where in the world.I am so excited to explain you its my best project of my life because its communication on sms service which available on every mobile phone and also no need to buy any smartphone to control your electric equipment.

Basic requirement:

  1. LinkIt One board
  2. Active SIM
  3. 5v relay Module(You can buy SainSmart relay module from Amazon India and )
  4. Male to Female wire (DUPONT JUMPER)
  5. Basic knowledge of switch board to alter home electric equipment(Do not try altering of home wiring if you dont know one try with relay module)

Step 1: Make Your Board Alive With My Code

  • Connect linkit board port in debug mode (You can see port info in device manger port section)
  • Upload my given code in this section
  • Now move port into modem mode and open serial console to see the progress
  • Now get any mobile and send message below given formate
    • If you want to "on" pin 5 then open your message and send message to inserted sim in board
    • Type "N 5" for on the pin 5

    • Type "F 5" for off the pin 5

I will come again with my next innovation till then use this project to improve your knowledge base.





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Awedome work and thanks ! I also agree that more detail is beneficial to those who want to take on this project - perhaps details about the materials would be a good start - such as a link or two ( choices ) where you can pick up the 5V relay module ?

Thanks for your support on this project

Sure i will update some information as you suggested in the comment

Great project! But I think it's not very well explained — everything is just so summarised.

thanks for your valuable point

Do you need any extra info let me know I will update this project information