Step 24: Optional: Adding Groups

5. Groups can be joined by clicking on the “Join Group” button to the right of each group description. 
I like how you titled each step, and also whether or not the step was optional so the user could decide whether or not they wanted to perform that step. <br>Starting on Step 9, I noticed you have numbers at the beginning of your instructions, and every couple steps these numbers would reset. I recommend either removing these numbers or regrouping your steps and including the ones that go together in one step; of both of these options, it would just be easier to remove the numbers.<br>The pictures you included with each step were very clear and helpful, as was the video. <br>-Erin from ENGL 313
I like that you've designated which steps are optional. This is helpful. I also think you can be more concise (see above instruction).

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