Introduction: Linkit ONE : From the Start

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Linkit ONE development board

Step 1: What Is It

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The Linkit ONE is a development board. It was made by mediatek and seeedstudios. It is Basically an Arduino with some different feature. It comes with 2 manuals the board and a few different components

Step 2: Components

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GSM means Global Systems for Mobile Communications, it is usually found in phones. It connects devices to mobile networks and allows them to send messages

GPS means Global Positioning System . It can do the same thing as a regular GPS if you program it right

It also has a Wi-Fi Antenna. The Wi-Fi antenna lets you connect wirelessly to the internet

The Bluetooth on this device allow for easy transfer of files.

This device also has extra things like an audio jack

When using the board you can also connect it to different components that did not come with the kit

Step 3: Finish

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And that's it , those are the basics for the LINKIT ONE


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-11-22

Great linkit one project.

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