Introduction: Linkit One + Blynk Guide for Controlling Over Wifi

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In this tutorial I will tell you about using blynk with linkit one via which you can control linkit one over wifi using your smartphone.Enjoy!!

Step 1: We Need

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  1. A smartphone
  2. Wifi antenna
  3. Linkit one
  4. USB cable
  5. Battery (optional)

Step 2: Downloading

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Download blynk on your smartphone and login or signup for it.Create new project and choose linkit one there.Enter your e-mail address for getting token number.

Step 3: Installing Libraries

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Download Zip file from and unzip it after it copy the files and paste the in program files of arduino IDE where we program linkit one.

Step 4: Code

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Open code as shown in pictures and add a line #define ARDUINO 150 on top where the sketch starts.Also paste the token which you received via email.Fill your wifi details with password.

Step 5: Controlling

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Design a new dashboard and add some buttons and slide switches and you can set the pin number also.PLay and control using it.

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