Introduction: Linkit One OneWire DS18B20

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Here a quick how to connect a DS18B20 Temperature sensor to your Linkit One board!

Step 1: Check Your Stuff

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What we need?

Shopping list:

  1. Linkit One board
  2. DS18B20 Sensor
  3. 4.7k resistor
  4. Breadboard
  5. Arduino IDE
  6. 20 minutes

Step 2: Get the Library

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The DS18B20 use the 1-Wire protocol and we need a library to implement it!

The default library doesn't work with the Linki One Board, so you need to download THIS modified version!

So all you need to do is importing it in your Arduino IDE!

Step 3: Wire It UP!

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It's Really Easy !

VCC - 3.3v


DATA - D10 (any digital pin work)

And place the 4.7Kohm resistor from VCC to DATA Pin.


Step 4: Let's Rock!

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Now all you need is load a sample code and look at the magic in your favorite Serial Monitor!



RudiA4 (author)2017-01-04


Have you been able to successfully read, say 3 or 4 DS18B20 sensors, and "address" them individually?

i.e. as example "inside temp", "outside temp" and "device temp"?

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