This Instructable will teach you how to do a lino reduction print onto a card. I chose to have 3 layers of color, and for your first reduction print this is probably a good number.

Step 1: Materials Needed

       To do this Instructable you will need:

1). Drawing utensils

2). Carving utensils

3). A linoleum block

4). Card-stock Paper

5). Water Soluble block-printing ink

6). Not pictured: you should also have a brayer (the thing for rolling the ink around) and palette paper or something that would work like it.
This is a great present as a greeting card, or as a collection that a loved one could use! Please vote and comment! :- )
Awesome! I have been working solely in a single print, one color format and it's time to move on to the next phase - thanks for the great tutorial. Incidentally, I have a huge printmaking "bible" that I found at the library and your wee picture story worked infinitely easier for me to see the process clearly than the bible which I just couldn't figure out with the pages and pages of text and only 2 black and white photos. Thanks so much!
Cool Idea!

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