Picture of Linoleum Printed Greeting Cards
After several years of making Christmas cards to send out, I've started streamlining the process with printmaking.  It still has the homemade feel but requires less of a time investment, which is good cause I always start them late.

Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
bench hook.jpg
You can get most of what you need at any art supply, or craft store.

Things you will need:

-Carving Tool
-Linoleum Block
-Inking Plate

Helpful things to have:

-Paper towels
-Wet wipes
-Bench hook 
sunshiine2 years ago
I love the way this looks, thanks for sharing!
Very cute! Great way to make your own cards for the Holidays without having to spend hours and hours designing cards. I like that frosted window look too!