Step 2: Assemble the Boxes

Glue closed the two boxes except for one top (to easy remove and insert cameras)  if they were ready to be shipped.
Let dry.

Note: Since you are going to cut out part of the box, you only need to glue where it will not be cut out.
It might be a Linux problem (?.....), but you could easily improve your pictures by enhancing contrast in almost any photo application running on Windows...
My brother is a Photshop expert. he could not do anything.
Thanx for the comment. Nothing to do with linux. Photoshop could not even do that well. You should have seen the original picture. . Been there done that. I just did not take the picture in a better lighted area. Plus I used a cheap camera. My good camera died. When I get better equipment, the pictures will be better. I might retake them anyway. Do not have time right now.
You can tweak the brightness &amp; contrast to get rid of the misty/foggy look. However, it emphasises the lack of information in the images and they look grainy.<br> <br> L<br>
Compared to a lot of pictures I have seen on this site, they are pretty good. In any case, the pictures are good enough to get the idea across. I am not a photographer. Missing the forest for the trees here.
<br> I meant that I had tried <strong>Bob</strong>'s suggestion and that was the result.<br> You do get the idea across.<br> <br> L<br>
Thank you for your clarification.
Could you &quot;simplify&quot; the build by using an LCD monitor (or even a laptop) &amp; placing it directly in the box in place of the mirror...
Yes, but I think the text would be backwards if what I am told is true. Then the text would have to be flipped. I wanted something dead simple to deal with.

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