We will take several distros show web server setup including the install and then some other hints.

1 Terminals

2. Debian net install setup.

3. Debian install.

4. Fedora net install setup

5. Fedora install

6. Arch net install setup.

7. Arch install.

8. Openbsd (a linux cousin) pxeboot script

9. Slackware linux

10 Network scanner
11 Mplayer

12. Day counter

0dh, Remote music via the gui

14. Network document scanner

Step 1: Old Laptops and Etc.

Old laptops and serial terminals make excellent terminals for linux,especially embedded devices. You can use Pitus floppy based linux for laptops. You can use a dos disk and hiterm software.

<p>Linux for life!!! I currently use ubuntu </p>
<p>Very nicely done. Great tips!</p>

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