How to Install Windows Theme in Ubuntu





Introduction: How to Install Windows Theme in Ubuntu

Most of us know about linux and its capabilities.
linux has come a long way with the help of canonical's ubuntu 9.04.
It is till now the best linux i have ever used and a very tough competitor to windows but one of the few things i don't like about ubuntu is its default theme.
so in this instructable, i will show you how to change the default theme of ubuntu.

Windows has ruled the market for years now and people find it very difficult to migrate from windows and in case of linux its even harder for them because of the completely different GUI.

so, we will have a theme that looks just like windows XP and windows Vista.

you can select any of the above themes...
both themes have been modified by me to suit ubuntu and to maintain its own identity.

Let's  get started!

Step 1: Download Theme

first step is to download the theme from the interent.
to download the theme you have two options:

for XP:

go to,


search and download the torrent 'win4ubuntu xp' from

for vista:



search and download the torrent 'win4ubuntu theme' from

Step 2: Unzip the Folder - Update

after downloading the zip folder, unzip it.

remember you will have to unzip the folder only on the desktop of Ubuntu to get it working.
after unzipping,you will see a folder 'win4ubuntu'.

open that folder and click on the '' file.

click on 'Run'.
your theme will get installed!




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    If you want to install windows from USB then it is a simple way to do that, I have seen a lot of laptops without a CD Rom, then Installing from USB is best option

    Hope You will enjoy it.

    The theme is way cool. Great for those people who are scared of Linux, who are legion. Or just as a prank. The instructable, not so much. But I can read instructions.

    thanks a lot for ur comment. i really appreciate ur thoughts.
    i have been getting comments about my instructable being too short and not enough self explanatory. i understand my mistake and will soon make the necessary changes.

    P.S.: i believe the readmefirst.doc is still enough self explanatory and pretty easy to install...thanks anyways!

    keep commenting!

    Have some more themes similar to this uploaded on search for win4ubuntu themes and enjoy all my work!

    any 1 know if their is a win xp royal noir theme for ubuntu ?
    or does the setup make it so any win xp theme could be added ?

    u can download more such themes from

    simply search for win4ubuntu for my themes!


    While the theme looks good and everything, I think you would be better off either making the hurdle with a new interface or using Linux XP. Linux XP actually strives to act like Windows as well as look like it.

    right now a new improved look is being worked on in the new version of ubuntu i,e. 10.04
    also, if you like my theme style but not the xp feel...
    u can download more such themes from

    simply search for win4ubuntu for my themes!


    Thanks. My folks have an old machine and they are not able to run Vista or W7, then, i've wanted for a while to make them use ubuntu. This will make an easy migration. Thanks again!