Lion Brand Challenge - Cotton Ease Cardi of Love





Introduction: Lion Brand Challenge - Cotton Ease Cardi of Love

[ Cotton Ease]Knitty''Fitted Knits''Cropped Cardigan with Leaf TiesI adore this cardigan, and it's my very first sweater! If only winter would end and I could wear it! The pattern I used was Stefanie Japel's Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties. The pattern is available in the book Fitted Knits and as a free pattern on Knitty. The yarn I used was Lion Brand's Cotton Ease, a yummy cotton acrylic blend of vegan goodness. I used just under four skeins of the violet colorway. The only changes I made to the pattern were that I made the armholes a bit bigger and I used a purchased closure instead of the leaf ties.



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    That is very cute. I like fitted knits and I will definitely check out that book!

    Love it--purple's my favorite color. That book is so great! Stefanie actually came on our podcast a couple months ago, if you want to check out the interview!

    I love it! I thought that Fitted Knits book looked interesting-and now I am sure it belongs on my "wanted" list. Great job on your first sweater!

    Great job, that looks very difficult to make!