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Introduction: Lion Brand Challenge: Lace Wedding Garter

My first attempt at lace - a wedding garter for a friend who was getting married. Finished 10 hours before the big day. She had a spare in case I was not done. Thankfully I finished and she used the spare to toss into the screaming crowd of girls.

Made on Size 0 bamboo needles and silk yarn. I thought I would go blind but it was very gratifying to finish. Much different from my typical felted bags made on Size 13 and 15 needles.

You can try it too!



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    That is a pretty little garter. Excellent work, nice legs too, btw.

    Hwee Hweeeoooow (whistle)... nice legs ;)

    I don't knit but I love your garter. I found several nice crocheted garters searching the internet. I might try to make one when I get a minute. I've only used yarn, never tried to crochet with the fine thread yet.

    Is there any way to get a crochet pattern for this?? It looks great! I have some friends getting married soon and what a nice gift to make.

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    You may try the original link above to see if there is an alternative pattern for crochet. I hate to admit but I have no idea how to crochet. I've been meaning to try and learn though. Thanks for stopping by.

    How snazzy and look your toes match the garter...


    Lovely. It's amazing what you can make from yarn. Very impressive.

    How pretty! Nice way to personalize a traditional moment.

    That bride should treasure the beautiful garter! How unique!

    What a great wedding keepsake- great idea!

    What a beautiful gift idea - and a delightful surprise for the groom as well!

    That looks great! I wish I had one for my wedding. ;) Thanks for the pattern link, too.

    Was I the only one who read Lace Welding Garter?! I was expecting a MIG welder worn on the thigh, or a stainless steel wire lace garter...

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    I think you need to make one!

    great little project. I am looking for something small to practice small lace knitting before tackling a scarf. Thanks

    Damn, that fine yarn must require some skill.