Lion Brand Instructables Slideshow Shells Layette by Clauria4





Introduction: Lion Brand Instructables Slideshow Shells Layette by Clauria4

This is a pink and white baby girl's shell stitch and double crochet layette. This set includes a blanket, sweater, bonnet and booties. Details include gross grain "bowtie" ribbons for the bonnet, anchored with 4 mm pearlized baby buttons and gross grain ribbon bow ties for the booties. The set is presented and stored in a beautiful, fabric lined, white wicker basket.

The pattern was taken from Leisure Arts "Lullaby Layettes" by Alice Hyche. I used TLC Baby yarn in Powder Pink and White. The pattern book can be found on the Leisure Arts website at

The pictures were taken outside in natural light. Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoy the show! Have a truly wonderful day! Christine



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    Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your kind words!

    Beautiful work....just gorgeous! I am proud to say that I know this artist personally and she is as wonderful as a person as she is a crocheter.

    You have just made me BLUSH!!!! Thank you so much!

    I only had boy babies, so never had the delight of having anything in pink! These are lovely.

    Thank you! Working on a set for a boy now!

    very pretty..a lot of time and love went into that set

    Thank you. Yes... a lot of time! Working on one for a baby boy now! Only have 6 weeks left to finish it!

    Very pretty, some baby will be very lucky

    Thank you! I actually did make this, for a friend to give as a gift, to her Godchild.