Lion Brand Moonlight Wrap


Introduction: Lion Brand Moonlight Wrap

When I first saw Moonlight Mohair I knew I had to make something with it. However, living in Florida, there are limitations to what type of yarn and patterns will get much use in our warm weather. Then I saw the pattern on the Lion Brand website called Eternity Wrap. I saw a similar pattern in a booklet called "More Easy Accesories". The pattern called Circle Shoulder Wrap used a pin to accent the wrap. I was sure it would be something I could wear in cold air conditioned buildings and on cool Florida evenings.

I purchased Glacier Bay Moonlight Mohair, crocheted the wrap and wore it within a week. I could not stop with one. I made another one using Purple Mountains Moonlight Mohair but I made it a little smaller around. Next, I made one using "Feathers" and another one using "Jewel Box". Both of these I left open at the ends. I always use one of my vintage costume jewelry pins or a shawl stick that I made to give it some bling.

Another pattern caught my eye that was very similar. This one was open and shaped like a large collar. It also had a pattern to make a flower ring to hold it closed. I made two of these; one out of Tundra Moonlight Mohair and the other one out of another color of "Feathers."

These are very quick and easy to make and they are great for wearing in Florida. Now, I am looking for something else to make using Painted Desert Moonlight Mohair. Any suggestions? But remember: Florida...Heat...Sun...Humidity.



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    What level of crocheters would this be recommended for?

    Loved your the wraps you made but then I'm very proud of everything you make. Good luck

    Great job. The 3rd one is incredible. Awesome job once again.