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    so how can e get the pattern? I could probably figure out the house, and the crocheted clothes, but it would be a bit more difficut to decipher the body directions just by looking at the pics. I'dsure like to try this project.

    maybe if you copy and paste the entire website address, it might work. Thanks anyway

    That is the correct address. It's just down. It's been off and on for a while. A few posts below I posted directions. They're really simple. :)

    Still couldn't access it. Maybe it's my computer -

    No, it's not working for me either. Sorry.

    couldn't access the website, it said the owner had blocked it. A pity, as I wanted to try and knit some. They are very nice. May be I'll try and work it out myself, knit it and then post it!

    Strange. Honestly it was back up for a bit. It is worked in garter, flat, seamed afterward. The body is done with 10x10 sts for the legs, which are then joined to work the body in 20x20 sts. you then switch to the head color and work 10 more rows in stst. Arms are 8x8 sts. Hat is worked flat casting on 22 sts and decreasing, then seaming. Pattern called for size 7 needles, I think, but I went down to 3 because larger needles left gaps that showed the stuffing.
    Good luck!