Picture of Lion door knocker
A perfectly functional lion door knocker made of styrofoam
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Step 1:

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First is to made the shape, it´s not dificult if you split the parts

Step 2:

now cover it with a layer of my personal formula of oogoo. liquid silicone and talc, like the feet talc but this is pure with no odor, you can buy it at farmacies.
The diference with the corn starch oogoo is that this one is water proof and equally cheap.
This paste will make the knocker harder enough to make noise against the door

Step 3:

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now for the knocker you can use any rope, i found one with a shape i liked

Step 4:

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For the painting, first a layer of black paint, then a thin layer of bronze paint that don't fully covers the black paint.

Step 5:

Now join the knocker and the lion

Step 6:

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And the lion door knocker is finished
k24tea3 years ago
Cool design, and very well done! Will you please share your special recipe for Oogoo using silicon and talc? Is it the clear silicon caulk or something else? And what is the proportion of silicon to talc? I'd like to make some garden decorations using your special waterproof Oogoo. Thank you for sharing your creative work.
chicopluma (author)  k24tea3 years ago
I used regular liquid silicone glue. In a 50-50 proportion it works like a dense paint, i still haven't try with more talc, but it should be more like plasticine. But make sure the silicone you use is real silicone, because for a proyect i bought an odorless silicone and it desintegrated in water.
Thanks. I'll try your recipe when I get some silicone. I already have the pure talc. It never would have occured to me to put them together! You're quite creative.
That is pretty awesome!
chicopluma (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago