This lipgloss is made from eyeshadow.This lipgloss is very shiny.So let's make.

Step 1: Materials Needed

  1. Eye shadow
  2. petroleum jelly
  3. brush
  4. container
  5. eye shadow brush

Step 2:

First of all take a petroleum jelly and put in into container.

Step 3:

now take a eye shadow brush and eye shadow and scrape from brush and put it into the container.

Step 4:

Now take a brush and mix into a container.

Step 5:


<p>i love this lip gloss it saved my life because i needed something to put on my lips but i didnt have anything so i went on instructables.com ?</p>
Oh nice. :)
<p>was i supposed to freeze this</p>
<p>so easy and fun!</p>
So pretty :D
<p>im making another kind but a better one</p>
Is it non toxic
<p>it is safe. but carefully put it into lips.</p>
Awesome I'll need to make this sometime maybe today even

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