Lipstick Made From Everyday Household Items!





Introduction: Lipstick Made From Everyday Household Items!

Very easy and all you need is 5 items!

- Blush, any color
- Petroleum jelly
- Spoon
- Lighter
- A small container (old contact lens case would work)

Step 1:

Break some of the blush into the spoon, then add a little bit of petroleum jelly onto the blush.

Step 2: Melting

Hold the lighter up to the spoon for a minute or so. and when it gets melted blend together with a toothpick, then pour into your container and you're finished!

P.s. You can mix two lipsticks together to make a different shade by putting some of each color into the spoon and heating it with the lighter.

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    I already made it but i crushed the powder more than urs , then i added petroleum jelly and mixed it together.(no melting required)
    it had a really soft texture

    Lol! Too funny kiteman! Frankiefigs this is so simple it's genius! We all get junky makeup for Christmas from well meaning family, and who doesn't have Vaseline?!


    That is so cool I need to make some of that if I do I will post it!!!!

    Great to do this for mixing lipsticks, but check blush ingredients first (some may be irritating to lips or even toxic).

    Another on the fly trick that I do all the time: Just put some clear gloss or better yet a balm on your lips--think ChapStick. Run finger in blush, apply, smear around.

    I picked this one up while freelancing as a copywriter; my desk was at a photographer's studio (I was writing ad copy for some of the stuff he photod). Anyway, for fashion shoots, they tried to make the makeup all matchy/as neutral as possible if it was a clothing shoot. I saw the makeup artists do this; it's a way of making sure that the lipstick matches the blush EXACTLY and doesn't make the colors of the clothing look "off."

    For me, it just means one less thing to put in my makeup bag. I mostly do cream blush or all-in-one sticks (think the big Tarte sticks or the Nars Multiples) and this really works.

    I'll try it :)

    That's pretty clever!

    Be careful, though - imagine the awkward pause when your parents walk in on you heating a teaspoon with a lighter...

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