Liquid Latex skin used 4 an effect

Picture of Liquid Latex skin used 4 an effect
Do you like zombie effects, makup, ect; but dont know how to make any applyances, this quick and easy instructable will guide you on the right track
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
what you will need

--Liquid latex

--baby powder

--small bowl

--damp cloth


Step 2:

Picture of
pour some latex into the bowl and use the paintbrush to make a small rectangle or whatever shape you need for the effect.

Step 3: Wait to dry

Picture of wait to dry
when dry it should look something like the second picture

Step 4:

Picture of
this is the hard part, now spread the baby powder on the flat surface you are using,(2nd picture) spread the baby powder over the now dried latex,(3rd picture)and slowly peal off the latex while rubbing the baby powder on it.

Step 5: Finished

Picture of finished
now you have it, you can secure the applyance on the body with more latex and if you dont paint teh latex on your surface carefully,you get cuts in the applyance, so make shure to paint lightly, remember the more coats of latex, the deeper the wound will look

-----Tribute to the amc's The Walking Dead

 returning october 2012

Go team Daryl :D

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