Liquid Laundry Soap (Basic)





Introduction: Liquid Laundry Soap (Basic)

This is a shockingly inexpensive way to make an effective liquid laundry soap. This is a very basic recipe, and easy to do; later I'll be showing a more advanced recipe that has more cleaning power than this one; however, please note, this laundry soap IS quite effective.

14 oz. Bar of Soap
1/2 Cup Borax
3/4 Cup Washing Soda

5 Gallon Bucket
Stick Blender
Food Blender
Cheese Grater
Small Pan

You can also make this recipe with a traditional "Fels Naptha" or "Zote" brand bar. Both work very well, however I prefer to use my homemade soap. If you happen to make some homemade soap and accidentally used too much Lye, making the soap permanently caustic... don't worry... it works GREAT for laundry. Just follow these instructions and put it to good use!

Grate the 14 oz. bar of soap into "Soap Noodles." Process the "Soap Noodles" into "Soap Particles" in your food blender.

Bring 6 Cups of water to boil. Add the 14 oz. of processed soap and whisk completely. All soap particles should be dissolved within 1-3 minutes.

Fill the 5 Gallon Bucket half way with Hot Water. Add the liquified soap, Washing Soda, and Borax. Blend the solution completely with Stick Blender. Fill the 5 Gallon Bucket to the top with warm water, and seal with lid.

After allowing the soap to rest for 12 hours you will be rewarded with a gelatinous liquid soap.

1/4 cup per laundry load yields good results. Don't be surprised if it sets up like jello, just stir it up, and it's perfectly fine.

Enjoy this inexpensive alternative to expensive laundry soaps.



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    Have similar recipe-but different method to get end product. I grate the soap, (THE HARDEST PART OF PROCESS) place in large saucepan, add about 2 litres water, heat and keep stirring until all the soap melts. Then I add the borax and baking soda and mix vigorously until all is dissolved. Then its tipped into large bucket (10 litres?) and warmish tap water added. Stir (I have a large wooden spoon for laundry use) until blended and leave to cool. Sometimes I add about 2 tablespoons of Eucalpytus Oil (it is strong!!) before the get sets. TO USE: about 1/2 large cup of gel dissolved in about 2 cups hot water (or in mason jar/shake) and that is tipped into machine after water fills-ensures gel is totally dissolved. For more severe stained clothes or grease on collars etc., , I just rub the areas with some stain -remover soap. THIS GEL SOAP DOES NOT PRODUCE SUDS! And good as a carpet stain remover (e.g., 2 spoons gel, 4 spoons hot water and rinse/blot after cleaning).

    Cheap and easy to make, environmentally friendly and lasts so long - wonderful.

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:(original recipe found many years ago on a "frugal" web site but cannot find it now.

    This is almost identical to the soap recipe I use for my laundry, and it works great! I use a 14oz Zote bar and shred/melt it and combine it with water in a 5 gallon bucket like you do except I don't add Borax to mine. I keep a jar of baking soda next to my laundry soap and add tablespoons accordingly as I wash; 2 Tbsp for normal loads, 3 Tbsp for my husband's work clothes, and 4 Tbsp for whites.

    I'm looking forward to when I can use homemade soap like you- I wonder if it there is a noticeable difference in cleaning when using homemade soap or Zote soap.

    I'd like to say how great this is, but I don't know yet. So far I've tried melting Dove, Ivory, and Yardley soap w/ no success. I'll try Zote next (if I can find it) & then I'm throwing in the towel.

    I have a front load washer and it says to only use (he) products...will this work in mine?

    Thanks for posting this! I made 5 gals yesterday and its almost as solid as jello, which you said would happen. I followed another recipe last time and used dove bar soap instead of the Zote, - it wasn't as solid. Do you know if Zote makes a thicker final product? The other recipe called for cutting the final product half with water and then its easier to shake every time you use it( I pour mine into used liquid laundry detergent jugs with the spouts on the side). Then you use 1/2 cup instead of 1/4 cup. Do you keep yours in an lidded 5 gal and simply scoop it out? Do you think it degrades the soap to dilute it? Thanks

    I keep my sealed in a lidded 5 gallon bucket & use a scoop to dispense the soap. You can cut a 5 gallon batch into 10 gallons - but I think it weakens the final product. It will still be an effective soap, but you may have to use more. Zote makes a good laundry soap - Dove never will. Dove is not a soap, it's a detergent bar, it's made from petroleum products, it doesn't have the same chemistry as soap. It's not even advertised as soap

    You're right, I halfed a single gallon last night to see what would happen and used a half cup. The laundry came out of the washer still a little dirty.

    Located your video about how to decide on ingredients. Your delightful accent prompted me to hop over to where I discovered an online games site. LOL

    So I tried soapcal. No luck. But google asked if I meant Got it now. :)

    Thanks so much for your tutorials, common sense approach and great sense of humour. Bookmarked now.

    PS I can't find that video now!

    I do have an issue with using Borax as it has been said by the EWG to cause skin irritation. A few sights recommend using Baking Soda, Lemon Juice or Vinegar in place of Borax. I'd like your thoughts on using these items in the processes of making this soap.