How to Make a Liquid Nitrogen Rocket





Introduction: How to Make a Liquid Nitrogen Rocket

Liquid nitrogen explodes a soda bottle in just a few seconds. Enough to send a bucket a few hundred feet into the air.

The set up
a strong 5 gallon bucket (no handle), a metal bowl filled 1/2 way with water, a 1 liter plastic bottle

fill 1/8of the plastic bottle with liquid nitrogen and cap (****note this is not a bomb)
quickly place in the bowl with water and cover with the bucket
move away

***Another Note- never look under the bucket



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    and ware exactly would i get liquid nitrogen? im pretty sure its illegal

    can u use the stuff in air dusters.i think its either liquid nitrogen or carbon nioxide.

    not illegal, just rare.

    but seriously, where did you get it? i know how to make it out of gaseous nitrogen, but i don't have that either

    Use dry ice... I think that's what he meant anyway... It's frozen (liquid) Nitrogen...

    No it's not. Dry ice is solid (frozen) carbon dioxide. Not the same thing at all.

    Ur right... two different things... I guess it hadn't occurred to you that gasses have to first go into a liquid state before they freeze. That's chemistry for ya... go figure...

    Actually, CO2 at 1 atm. will go into liquid phase. The catch is that is is very unstable and only stays in liquid form if pressurized.

    in a fire extenguisher the c02 goes through sublimination which is liquid-solid instantly and can only stay liquid if pressurized.