How to Make a Liquid Nitrogen Rocket


Introduction: How to Make a Liquid Nitrogen Rocket

Liquid nitrogen explodes a soda bottle in just a few seconds. Enough to send a bucket a few hundred feet into the air.

The set up
a strong 5 gallon bucket (no handle), a metal bowl filled 1/2 way with water, a 1 liter plastic bottle

fill 1/8of the plastic bottle with liquid nitrogen and cap (****note this is not a bomb)
quickly place in the bowl with water and cover with the bucket
move away

***Another Note- never look under the bucket



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    33 Discussions

    but seriously, where did you get it? i know how to make it out of gaseous nitrogen, but i don't have that either

    Use dry ice... I think that's what he meant anyway... It's frozen (liquid) Nitrogen...

    No it's not. Dry ice is solid (frozen) carbon dioxide. Not the same thing at all.

    Ur right... two different things... I guess it hadn't occurred to you that gasses have to first go into a liquid state before they freeze. That's chemistry for ya... go figure...

    Actually, CO2 at 1 atm. will go into liquid phase. The catch is that is is very unstable and only stays in liquid form if pressurized.

    in a fire extenguisher the c02 goes through sublimination which is liquid-solid instantly and can only stay liquid if pressurized.

    I know it's been six months but I feel a comment is necessary for all the junior chemists out there.  Sublimation is the transition from solid to gas, bypassing the liquid phase.  It's what dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) does, and is most easily demonstrable by dropping a chunk in water and observing the bubbles coming off of it. 

    CO2 fire extinguishers precipitate a dry ice "snow" created when the gaseous CO2 in the extinguisher dumps its heat as the pressure drops.  This snow then sublimates into the gaseous phase. 

    As for where to find liquid nitrogen, first educate thyself.  It's very (very) cold and can cause severe thermal injuries if not handled properly (this means thick gloves, approved goggles, possibly facial protection, and tongs).  LN2 also expands to about 700 times its volume when it boils off, meaning placing it in a sealed container creates risk of explosion, and allowing it to boil off in a small, sealed room creates risk of suffocation.

    It's not rare, toxic, or illegal.  It can be had at a gas or welding supply shop for probably around the price of milk.

    Finally,an educated reply.We purchased ours from Air Products,which sells all sorts of welding gasses.We also used it in metalforming.A place I used to work made stainless steel fittings.In order to bend them to 90 degress without splitting,we threw them in a foam cooler with a couple inches of liquid nitrogen.Then they bend like copper.Another shop I worked at we chilled titanium bars so they could be machined easy.Once they got to room temperature the tooling would quickly wear down.

    well, know i know where to get gaseous nitrogen now, but thanks anyway. hooray for air compressors!

    Judging from the background in the video I would say a School of some type, no doubt a Science Lab.

    To buy liquid nitrogen all you have to do is go to a welding store. Like Norco for example. It's not illegal, just like dry ice isn't...