Picture of Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
Making liquid nitrogen ice cream is easier than you think! We decided to make it at the Instructables Ice Cream Social and its smooth and creamy texture is totally unique in the ice cream world.

Why is liquid nitrogen (LN2) ice cream "creamier" than regular ice cream? 

The secret to creamy ice cream is the rapid freezing of the fat and water particles. The faster the ice cream can be frozen, the fewer ice crystals that can form, the creamier the concoction. 

Safety "Ingredients"

Liquid Nitrogen boils at −321 °F. Which means, holy guacamole that is cold! You'll be want to careful not to expose your skin to it or hold your hand in it, unless you're trying to lose a limb. A drop on the arm isn't going to kill you, your body temperature will ensure that the LN2 rapidly boils off, but it will feel very cold.

Here's what you need to safely make LN2 Ice Cream:

One dewar (a super insulated flask designed to hold LN2). I do not recommend using a regular store bought thermos. It may hold the LN2, but will rapidly degrade and fall apart, frozen apart by the extremely cold temperature within. Dewars are expensive, so if you have a friend at a chemistry lab, check there first.

Gloves -- you can try oven mitts or household cleaning gloves that go up your arm

A strong wooden spoon -- a metal spoon will conduct the cold and make it really uncomfortable to mix your liquid nitrogen ice cream. Go with wood.

A giant bowl

Liquid Nitrogen -- 
 the best part. This can be purchased on site at Air Gas or similar industrial gas outlets. Expect it to cost anywhere from $3 - $8 a liter. 

Your delicious ice cream recipe (mixed together, but not frozen)

Got all that? Good! We're ready to make Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!

lux4x41 year ago
I am a total stupid!!!I From 18 years i work in a LN2 plant in Italy and never make this???? i am very stupid!!
This seems pretty cool. I'm wondering if it would be possible to mix this up in my Kitchenaid mixer using the beater attachment that scrapes down the sides as it mixes.

Any thoughts?
Yes, you can. Go to Steve Spangler's science website and they show him using on just like that. I have done this with my Cub Scouts and my son's third grade class and it is a blast. Show them Boyle's Law by blowing up a balloon and then freezing your breath by immersing the balloon in the bowl with LN2. Once you remove it, the balloon will expand back to where it was.
coolo523 years ago
this looks really cool 5 stars
I clearly live way too close to an AirGas store... about 1/2 mile. This is going to be my best lunch ever!
where do you get LN2
at Airgas as stated in the article.
Hey! there is an ice cream shop in utah that does the same thing! Except they do a cool show with all of the fog coming off the ice cream.
angelabchua4 years ago
need moar izz creemz pleez
zazenergy (author)  angelabchua4 years ago
Best photo evar.
mikeasaurus4 years ago
Smokey ice cream creation? Spooky-delicious!
SHIFT!4 years ago
This ice cream is as delicious in person as it is on screen!