Liquid Sky Laser Plug and Play Prop, Halloween, Christmas, Decoration, Fog Lighting, Multiple Uses




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Introduction: Liquid Sky Laser Plug and Play Prop, Halloween, Christmas, Decoration, Fog Lighting, Multiple Uses

The liquid sky laser effect is affordable, simple and effective with just some fog.

It produces a flat sheet of laser light, the smoke swirls around causing a cloud effect.

I am a haunter that has operated haunted houses for 14 years. This effect is a number one hit.

This is my perfected method for simple plug and play operation.

Can be used to scare or thrill your audience.

Needed equipment:

1 Green or Red line laser module. ( any color line laser will do, but preferred 50mW green or 100mW red laser).

1 fog machine or more.

and a power source outlet.

Step 1: Materials

  1. Green or Red Laser LINE Module 50mW green or 100mW red

Green 50mW laser Ebay or Red 100mW laser Ebay

  1. Fog Machine or more, and fog juice. Recommend 1000 watt fog machine but 400 watt from Walmart or any entertainment store will work.

Plastic lens : optional: Laser Line Module Plastic Lens 30/45/60/90/120 degree for a single dot laser. if you already own a dot laser pointer or a laser projector you can use the laser with a plastic lens.

NOTE: use a laser that is 50mW or better but nothing over 150 mW for safety concerns and never point a laser directly in the eye or in the sky.

NOTE: lasers may take some time to be delivered , since they come from china! if your in a hurry, you can use a laser pointer with a line laser lens adapter glued or taped. 2nd option is to use a motor and mirror in the instructable: line laser liquid sky

Step 2: Final Pic and Videos

Final look and videos of my haunt in action with green 50mW line laser.

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I really do hope you enjoy this tutorial!



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