Picture of Liquor Bottle Light
This is a light that I came up with to hang above my bar. I used empty liquor bottles and light fixtures. To make 1 light, you will need:
  • 1 empty liquor bottle (or wine)
  • 1 lamp fixture kit ($10.97 @ HD)
  • 1 25 watt equivalent cold cathode compact fluorescent bulb ($13.47 for a pair @ HD).  Through my testing, I found this one to be the best because they produce almost no heat.  They are also dimmable - a nice plus.  The package I got came with adapters because the base of the bulbs are smaller that the conventional size.
  • Optionally, some rope or equivalently attractive material from which to hang the light.  The original design called for this, but I discovered that I didn't mind hanging the light from the cord (not to worry - the light weighs very little).
  • A diamond blade outfitted in either a wet tile saw, or angle grinder.
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Step 1: Bottoms Up

Picture of Bottoms Up
The first step is to find an attractive liquor bottle, buy it (full) and drink it. My liquor of choice is rum, and there are some cool bottles out there with tasty rum inside! Of course, seeing as how you will be using power tools and electricity to build this project, be sure you have slept it off before you begin!

Step 2: Bottoms Off

Picture of Bottoms Off
The bottom of the bottle, not your pants. For access to the bulb, I cut the bottom of the bottle off. To accomplish this, I used a tile cutting wet saw equipped with a diamond blade. I just pushed the bottle slowly into the spinning blade and rotated it. Alternatively, you could use a diamond blade in an angle grinder. My edges came out slightly sharp, so I lightly 'sanded' them using a wet stone.
Dunne1112 years ago
You could also put a led under a full bottle it looks class